Russia plans to launch a trading platform fearing NATO sanctions. What happened to the price of Litecoin? LTC LTCUSD

by Cristian Roberto Guidolin Corral on Dec 01, 2022

Rusia planea lanzar una plataforma de trading por temor a las sanciones de la OTAN. ¿Qué pasó con el precio de Litecoin? LTC LTCUSD

Estimates in Bitcoin continue to cause investors to panic, since the levels of the US economy are not at their best moment of the year. Among other news we have the confirmation that Russia will launch an exchange platform for the nation, where Russians will be able to trade cryptocurrencies without any fear. What has happened to the price of Litecoin this month? In today's article we will resolve all doubts and talk more about it.

The next Fed meeting will take place on December 13-14.

Cryptosis is an information network that provides news about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and Bitcoin analysts. They recently posted about:
- “The \'crypto\' rally stops dead: the market is already looking at the Fed meeting.”

Since the beginning of this year, a certain attachment that cryptocurrencies have with the levels of the US economy has been confirmed. Although they are not entirely 100% reliable, there are indications that if the dollar falls, Bitcoin and the altcoins in the market also present a certain bearish level at the same moments. That is why many are waiting for the next Fed meeting, before deciding whether to invest in cryptocurrencies or not.

The \'crypto\' rally stops dead: the market is already looking at the Fed meeting

There are rumors that Ukraine used money from the donations to buy property. How much is the ruble worth?

Russia to Launch National Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform…

The Tech Con Catalina page is a digital website that provides information about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. In addition, Catalina is a specialist in the field and influencer in networks. He recently commented:
- “Bombshell: Russia is going to launch a national cryptocurrency trading platform.”

Even though the country is in the eye of the storm due to the many NATO bans and sanctions, it is also one of the first countries to promote the use of cryptocurrencies. Putin has not yet confirmed this platform, but the monitoring indicates that it could be ready by 2023 or the beginning of 2024. Could this news lead to an acceptance of cryptos in other countries?

Bombshell: Russia is going to launch a national cryptocurrency trading platform.

How are the estimates in the cryptocurrency Litecoin doing today?

The Litecoin cryptocurrency traded yesterday with an average value of $72.61 at 1:20 p.m., while for the current hours, Tuesday, November 29, the cryptocurrency has an exchange rate of $76.63 at 11:20 a.m. Where it has so far generated a total profit margin of +6.72%.
This last week we have presented very prominent changes in cryptocurrencies, although not all of them enter the same draw. For now Curve DAO leads the way with an average gain of +29.90%, followed by the memecoin “Dogecoin” with +23.60% and as third place we have Litecoin with +18.30%.
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Cardano have had very bearish figures this month, causing many to seek other investment alternatives or at least wait for the market to stabilize better. But Litecoin is in full swing for now. Its trading range oscillates between an average of $71.01 (minimum price) and $77.29 (maximum price)

Updated graph of the cryptocurrency Litecoin in a space of one day
Updated graph of the cryptocurrency Litecoin in a space of one day

Author: FXMAG