Brasil reconoce a ahora Bitcoin como un medio de pago

Unusual, Brazil now recognizes Bitcoin as a means of payment. Is it possible to see a recovery in BTC by 2025? Estimate bitcoin dollar BTCUSD today

Cryptocurrencies have seen gains since early today, which has offered increased volume in the main cryptos in the market, such as: Bitcoin ; Dogecoin; Litecoin and Apecoin. We are now one step away from closing November, and everything indicates that it will close with a flourish, but it must not be ruled out that everything can change as it has happened in previous months. In today's article we will see how Bitcoin is trading and some geeky news that has occurred during the day.

Brazil is the new country that recognized Bitcoin as a legal means of payment

The Tech Con Catalina page is an informative website that provides information about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. He recently commented:
- “Brazil has just recognized Bitcoin as a means of payment.”

After several attempts in Brazil, another Latin American country finally opens the doors to Bitcoin as a means of payment, obviously it is only accepted in some places and specialized centers, such as banks and even the Paypal platform. The latter will already begin to accept the exchange of a percentage of Bitcoin to the Brazilian real, but with its own exchange rate.

Brazil has just recognized Bitcoin as a means of payment

Is it true that Bitcoin has no hope of going up to 100 thousand dollars?

Crypto Rover is a well-known social media influencer for sharing his ideas and knowledge about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He recently did a survey of:
- “Do you think Bitcoin will reach $100k before 2025?”

Some have predicted that this will not happen, since the levels of the cryptocurrency have been wearing down since the end of last year, and everything would indicate that it would end this year as well. Bitcoin, which has been and is so far the cryptocurrency with the highest volume and price, has no hope of rising to that level or until 2030, according to many experts on the subject.

Do you think Bitcoin will reach $100k before 2025?

What happened to the Bitcoin price today?

The king cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, traded yesterday with a price of $16,471 at 2:15 p.m., while for the current hours it has a value of $16,830 at 2:20 p.m. on November 30. Achieving a profit margin of the day at +2.13%.
Already almost closing the month of November, Bitcoin gives the green light in its estimates from the early hours of the morning, however it should not be ruled out that a drop could occur later with all the economic markers in the US, where the levels of unemployment can play a very important role.
For now, the trading range of this cryptocurrency closes at an average of $17,021 (maximum price) and $16,372 (minimum price).

Updated graph of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in a space time of one day

Updated graph of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in a space time of one day

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